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It started off with all the gears drive,3rd, etc, etc... But it keeps dwindling down, drive to 3rd, now to JUST 2nd and 1st any ideas
The is 2 different trannies, pre (some month) 99 and then after (some month) 99 where do I look to find out, I'm a. DYIer
accidentally I added very little coolant into motor oil into the car. What will happen? Will something go wrong with the cylinders or car stall?
when you rock the car from side to side it clunks or when you drive it but if you try and bounce on the front of car it doesnt do it just from side to side what will cause that
Bad rain storm since I started it earlier...moisture maybe? Lots of cranking power...but no starter action...just clicking. Oil is fresh and full ....I change it every 3000 miles religiously. Why oil light?? Help! O...
The instrument panel (RPM, Speedometer/odometer, and gas gauge) back lights seem to work (sometimes) if the car has been sitting a while (cold), but not after a little use. For example, it worked last night after...
I have replaced the headlight switch the only way they will come on is if I hold back the bright light switch
It sounds like a tennis ball hit the car, sometimes in the front end, sometimes near the drivers side. Have 99k miles. Replaced ball joints, needed but didn't fix problem
All fuses are good
When i pull the release lever to open the hood its not opening the cables are not broke and I don't want to continue pulling the lever so I wont cause the cables to break is there another option to open the hood.
Only when driving on the highway (speeds above 65) do I encounter this problem. It is random and unpredictable. It is TERRIFYING cause when it occurs, I think the wheel is about to wobble off completely and I crash. I...
This occurs throughout the drive despite the speed. Its really loose and if both hands are on steering wheel (9 to 3 position on clock), I can turn the wheel almost 12 to 6 in either direction without the tire/wheel a...
after i replaced the rack and pinion and used a degreaser to clean the engine i have been hearing this whining sound that only stops when i accelerate,but on idle its whining and the second gear jumps in but other tha...
Long crank time also. Strong raw gas smell at exhaust. Check engine light gave me a purge valve code, replaced that, light went out, now back on again. Starts right up if done within a minute or so after shut