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I have replaced the headlight switch the only way they will come on is if I hold back the bright light switch
All fuses are good
need to replace rear brake lines, but due to the way the lines are ran can`t trace which line is for passenger side or which line is driver side where they come out of the brake fluid pump. is there a way of telling w...
I have to put the car in gear and turn the key off then it will start up again.when it dose act up it has no spark.
it need upper and lower radiator hoses hose clamps ,water outlet gasget oil pan 195f thermostat
brought this old car but told that they had replace all parts but it stated to over heated just found out that it need radiator repairs and motor work done spend his bonas on this car reaily don,t have eny money spea...
i tried changing the fuel filter. Eberyone i've asked about this is clueless,,, please help
with the new battery if I don't start my car at least once a day the battery goes dead. I also have electric start on the car but I have had it since December and no problems!I just left the auto lights on one time ov...
1995 Chrysler LHS....My engine shows a 21 which is o2 sensor, a 23 which is intake air sensor and a 24 which is throttle position sensor. I have replace the TPS and have had o2 sensors replaced several times. I have r...
Every time I turn the car over it blows smoke out of the tail pipe and the car will stall out.
temperature gauge remain normal on the highway,in traffic temperature gauge starts to rise
none of my dash gages work what could the problem be
drop transmission to replace torqconverter seal know car will not start what is the problem