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accidentally I added very little coolant into motor oil into the car. What will happen? Will something go wrong with the cylinders or car stall?
Nothing is wrong with the shifter and the key is not broken.
If I drive the car anywhere, when I go to start it the battery is totally drained and jump starting it will not work. My brother will charge the battery but the next time I drive it the car will have to be towed home ...
it shifts fine manually so I don't thinks its an internal problem! so wut sensors, modules or other components can I replace to see if it corrects this problem? I even was told it could be a dirty filter or fluid? but...
Everything comes on when turn key on but won't turn over took starter off checked out good put back on it started several times then back to not turning over
thought car jumped time turns out crank sensor HA need to reset time or leave it alone?!?!?!?!?
just started here the otherday wont start at all
when it goes into gear it doesnt slip or fail
Think it is my solenoid pack in transmission what do you think. I have a 1994 Chrysler LHS it runs great when you first start it then get it on the freeway for 20 minutes or so and when you exit and stop it will start...
I changed the plugs and wires. It isn't showing trouble codes. I use 89 octane am I missing something?
car keeps running hot and now it wont start.
i changed the spark plugs and it still has a miss,in the mornings when i start it, it rough,when i give it gas it trys to stall,but it dont stall.can u help me