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Do you need to drain the oil to do the ftont seals and could the other seals from pressure the drip are after 4 miles I know a head is seeping but would it drip from the back of oil pan on bottom the spot is about the...
I'm losing coolant, as fast as you can put it in. The coolant is coming out of the rear of the motor. What could it be?
My auto locks stopped working then my windows one at atime other than fuses and window motors what could it be?
Most of the time the heater works but at times not at all
the car jerks at a stop and the idler bounces up and down even before it shifts could the timing be off or could it be a adjustmentof something sensor or fuel filter clogged?
First of all this car leaks a huge amount of oil. Secondly, it has no heat. Twice I guess I did not let it warm up enough because when I put it into drive, it only would go in reverse. The front breaks were recently r...
I need to replace the motormounts on the driverside on my 1994 lebaron convertible where can i get them sincerly annie
need specifications on front end toe in alignment
It originally went out after continual anti-freeze lose due to hole in radiator. Radiator replaced with coolant sensor, now it doesn't move at all.
just looking for the dlc connector for a 94 chrysler lebaron with a 3.0L engine
Front passenger side tire shakes violently at high speed. Replaced the entire strut assembly on that side and problem got worse. What could be the more likely problem tie rod, ball joint or control arm.
No hay chispa en la bobina y tampoco hay señal en los inyectores. Al pasar el suich acciona la bomba pera no enciende la camioneta. Hice revisar la computadora y esta bien pero tampoco sale señal del distribuidor. No ...
while driving, everything shut down and the "check gauges light" on the instrument panel lit. I put the car in park and it started, I drove toward home and it happened again within 1 mile. I started it again and got h...