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the battery went dead and it stop shifting and now wont shift out of low.
Im replacing the oil pan gasket and the valve cover gasket and the timing chain cover gasket. Ive got a oil leak around the oil pan and the timing chain cover at the bottom and im trying to fix it I hope im replacing...
I had 2 alternators and a new battery put in. It stopped all summer. Now that it is getting cold again, it started back up. It has yet to die.
I need help locating where the knock sensor goes in my lebaron I need a diagram or something
Its been a few days now but its on more than its off. Autozone said they cant detect the problem with their diaignostic test. Im wondering if i can be helped in knowing what the problem may be?
I have a NEW radiator, water pump, thermostat, upper and lower hoses, and did a heater back flush. Engine temp. operating normal, a/c is turned off, yet heat does not get hot ONLY warm. Any suggestions?
I always had to put engine oil and coolant in the car. I have a small leak for the oil and the coolant just seems to disappear. A week ago my engine light turned on and I figured it was for oil. I've always kept an ey...
eng. 3.0 V6. can i drive without ac belt or can i bypass ac pump with shorter belt.
i have checked for power at the switch and replaced the relay
Fuel cleaners designed to improve the performance of the car, will this hurt or help the driveability of a 1993 Chrysler Lebaron Convertilbe, 109,000 miles? Will the fluid transmission fix help or hurt the transmissio...
I just got the car and dont know much about it but what would make the wheel wooble and what is the fix, thanks
Do you have to remove the engine to get to the transmission itself
what causes smoke to come out when starting the car up and when driving the smoke turns blue.