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My key will go into lock but will not turn also will not work electronically either can not get into car.
went up to 5 or 6000 rpm felt like not moving. seems better with traction control on . puzzled? Thank you for any answer
engine light comes up on dash it will start but when i turn off the engine after driving about 12 miles it will not start and i have to wait around 20 min for it to start again
The key dosen't turn the ignition to start the car. I have to play with the steering wheel to get the key to turn and start the car.
i used 0-40 mobile oil when i crank it up it make a tappin noise in about 5 minutes it goes away
when i start it on a cold day it makes dis tappin noise sound like it comin from d engine five minutes later it will go away it just started dodoin it
noise it didnt used 2 do dat what u thunk d problem is
The fan that blows air for the heater no longer is working. At first, it began making this high pitched whining sound, then it stopped working completely. I'm wondering if it's the fan itself or if it might be some ...
how often do you change the oil?
i have code p2098 any info on this and any known repairs