2005 Chrysler Crossfire Questions

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Trunk won't open! There is a hole behind the license plate! What is it for

Lights just started coming on. when i shut car off and back on they come back on within a few minutes. it must be brake system or something like that

This happens when driving in stop and go traffic, where when the cars ahead speed-off, I'm stuck with a slow, gradual acceleration.

Have a 2005 Crossfire SRT. Periodically the parking lights would come on after the car was off and locked. Then the door locking system stopped working. Then the key fob would chew through a new battery in a matter of hours. Bought a new key and was able to get the door lock system to work. Within hours, the car wouldn't start, the gear shift locked in park and something is draining the car battery. Mechanic says it's a bad weld on the relay circuit board. Almost $1000 to replace. Does that sound like the problem and is the cost reasonable?

power coming all fuses

Rear glass convertible top window coming loose where it is glued/sealed to the fabric top. Can I repair myself, what kind adhesive/sealant to use?

this last for about 15sec. then I get odometer reading back.

car seems to run well, then just dies after a few minutes. won't start, start runs on, seems to not be engaging the engine, just runs on. you have to turn the key off to stop it. ten minutes later it will start, and then it all happens again.

the car isn't turning over. if left for ten minutes it sometimes starts. The engine light is on, and it is spitting out a hugh amount of codes....happening every day or two.

Recently when I start my Crossfire, a wrench pic with '25' appears initially in the odometer LED. After approximately 15 seconds it disappears and the usual odometer numbers appear. It has 29,780 miles only. It drives perfectly. What repair does it need?

I live in the Melbourne Florida area and I'm looking to either repair or replace the radio in my 2005 Chrysler Crossfire more specifically the CD player

pull handle will open the windows but the roof will not go up or down?

At first I thought it was the fan belt the way it sounded. I took the fan belt off and it's coming from the transmission. When the engine is cold 1st 2nd and 3rd gear for the first five minutes it makes a screaming sound, when I let out on the clutch driving down the road. when I let the clutch out with the emergency brake on it will make a screaming sound also. t I cant think of anything else but the throwout bearing. The clutch does not slip. I Only have 65000 miles on the car. does anybody have any idea what it could be, other than the throwout bearing?
When it first started happening it only did it when the engine was cold and then the sound would go away. now it's making this sound most of the time when I let out the clutch and shift gears.