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Stops if I push & hold the LOCK button on remote. Started 3 days ago and now happens several times a day.
Hi this is for Jeff in Taylor Texas or anyone who tried his suggestion...where do I find the instruction?... my name is Carol...Please help out a fellow Texas Gal from California...seems your solution to the ignition ...
I had shock absorbers and a swaybar kit put on my 04 crossfire 3/5/15. For the last week, a loud noise like something caught in fan blades has been coming from under the car when I hit the gas, it gets louder and then...
can this be an out of balance wheel, or wheel bearing, or tire or alighnment, or brakes?
when occasionally driving i hear my locks in my doors flutter as well as when i park and lock my doors. this is causing my car to drain my battery and over work my alternator. anyone had this issue and can shed some l...
the fin goes up and when i try starting it nothing happens
I have taken out of gear and tried to move steering. I little red plastic part fall of the top of key but still have electric.