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Driver side power window isn't working. What should I check?
How do I replace dash bulbs for climate control display? Can't figure out how to remove dash face...
We think that the linkage to the transmission has become disconnected. We are unable to find where it connects to the tranny, only the shift lever. Can you help us out?
my car starts but it wont stay running, what is the problem
Some how in the past two days my sunroof "vent" button got pushed and when we went out today we found it open. I took the glass out, checked the tracks for ice (used blow dryer) or any debris but nothing. Of course th...
we replaced thermostat and a black box on upper hose with a bleeder screw still no heat and heater core hoses are ice cold any suggestions
Where is the power steering rack located? Could it be damaged by sliding into a ditch?
rebuilt my engine. rebuilt heads, crank, oil pump,bearings etc started engine and lifters are very noisy pulled valve covers and oil is getting there ?
where is the oil pressure switch
IM getting DTC codes P0700 trans contol sys malfunction and P1776 manufacturer contol transmission. The car is a 2003 chysl. Concorde. I was driving along the freeway when the check engine light came on. nothing else ...
what type of oil i need for a new ac compresor and what type
How much will it cost to replace a drive belt?
have replaced radiator 3 times due to fan running all the time have flushed out the radiators still the same result
check engine light code p0441
I have just bought a used 2003 chrysler concorde. it was riding fine until recently, the rpm revs up and the car acts like it cant shift or tries to catch up to get into gear. I took it to a transmission place but the...