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It turns over but still wont start

Is it the compressor or just replace the belt, it was working before belt broke

It will not you can not control temp. max hot only

engine turns over and over but does not fire. wait a minute or keep letting engine turn over and it starts. it logs the cam sensor code after starting. A couple of times it has starting bucking and engine tried to quit while driving but let up on the pedal and and it drives normal with check engine light on. I have replaced both cam and crank sensors and the PCm but still does it sometimes. could it be a fuel pressure problem? I want to fix it not pay someone else. this issue is all over the internet on these cars.

seems to happen when slowing down or stopping..low idle speed..then it will start again or come back on..checked battery and alternator they are good. no check engine lights..happens once in a while..cables are just shuts completely down for no reason

I replaced the rear brakeline from "junction box" where all 5 lines attached and ran it back 40 inches and used a steel compression union to existing brakeline.

this morning car was idling high - took a few minutes to idle down - engine was rocking and the engine light came on.....
any ideas what the problem may be?

I was going from a complete stop to up a pretty steep hill, and I was trying to get to the minimum speed, but when I went to accelerate, something kicked in and made my RPM's go all the way to max, a second after that my check engine flashed a few times and went solid.