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I have a 1999 Chrysler concorde 3.2 liter engine. It cranks but won't start. Before leasing up to this it would get hot and fail to start once turned off and engine got. Give it a half hour and itll start on the first shot.
I had a diagnostic some and it had a mid fire 1 through 6.. replaced the boots and plugs. Anyone know what this sounds like plz call 7194005846 mark. I appreciate it.

trunk kid won't open with push button or key. how can I get into trunk

I need to know what the two parts I have circled are. I think one is the oxygen sensor connected to the exhaust manifold but I want verification and I do not know what the other one is.

About a year ago we noticed sometimes the starter would do nothing - no click or anything. We brought it to the dealer & they couldn't reproduce the problem. We started using a single ignition key, thinking a loaded key chain was causing the starter problem. Then we realized the starting problem always happened when the engine was warm. It starts 100% of the time when the engine is cool. Yesterday a friend noticed the last mechanic had overfilled the radiator coolant. We drained some off. The car has started every time - cold engine or hot engine. Could there be a pressure issue with too much coolant that would cause the starter to not work when the engine is hot? I know it's weird.... Thanks.

It has a sway bar bushing that is loose but it is stripped out and cannot get out or tighten. HELP ME PLEASE.... THANKS

Dealer determine main computer needs replacing. Dash indications goes away periodically, except fuel. BCM was replaced and was determine not to be the present cause.

While engine is running, key can be removed from ignition cylinder.
Main Computer needs replacement(dealer recommend-junk yard)

My concord has 190,000 miles on it, and it is running fine, but I am curious about the additive I read about in Popular Mechanics. Xado ceramic metal treatment, has anyone tried it? What were the results?

Why did my concorde loose spark all together

This car has been well maintained, regular oil changes @every 3000 miles. Has always had 10-30 or 10-40 Pennsoil used in it. I am a fan of Castroil and would like to use it. Question is will changing to Castroil from Pennzoil cause any problems on this high milage engine? I have over hauled engines that have used Pennzoil, so I know that there is a lot of "varnish" and sludge. Will Castroil be a viable option? Also what about synthetic oil??

I have a Chrysler that has power on the ground side of the auto shutdown relay. I have unplugged all senders and there is still power to the ground side of the relay. I have power on the power side lug30. I should not have power on 86 when the key is turned on I should get power at 87 which is the lug on the opposite side as 30 the main power wire. this is not happening. If I plug in the 02 sender I get a ground at 87, the 02 ssr fuse and the inj/coil fuse.