Was driving car on freeway, it was 107 degrees that day..turned car off and when i restarted it it was mking a rumbling noise coming from the area of where the raditor is located..could feel vibration in drivers seat..car drove fine..no stalling or overheating but vibrating and rumbling continued while driving..cars fine when first started but when it warms up the rumbling vibrating starts..its not real loud but can be heard from outside then next day stopped blowing cold air..tryed putting freon but condenser wouldnt tk it. When i first heard rumbling sound i thought id pulled up to far over front curb and fan was being pushed slightly against something, that wasnt the case but thats what it sounded like..thank you

The car will not start because the alarm was triggered. It is being sold at a very low price ($950)because of this issue. It only has 70,000 miles one owner and very clean. Is it worth the gamble to purchase?

noise noticeable at speeds at about 35mph an up. For some reason I feel this might have something to do with the traction control system. any ideas would be appreciated.

I am replacing the radiator in my Chrysler. This is my 1st do-it-myself auto repair. my dad talked me through the removal of the old radiator. Now I have the new one to install. my dad is out of town. so i need detailed instructions to install it. i am a mom of 3 sons & will get my hands dirty to learn this with the help of my boys handing me tools as needed.

about a 4 inch square plate held with 4 screws. Majorly rusty and need to replace

Before it would idle really high. It all started after changing the intake manifold gasket?

not quite sure where it is located and im looking for detals

Leaking antifreeze, need to add some to coolant tank

I just want to know if this 1998 Chrysler has timing belt or chain?