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not quite sure where it is located and im looking for detals
Leaking antifreeze, need to add some to coolant tank
I just want to know if this 1998 Chrysler has timing belt or chain?
It emergency shut down while driving and won't start back up. Radiator was boiling even with short drives so tried not to drive much.
can i get repair help answers for these codes code #1 P0122 code #2 P0106 code #3 P1490 code #4 P1496 code #5 P0405
my car when i attempt to give it gas it wants to die out when not give it gas it be idoling just fine it the egr valve gone bad and can cleaning it fix it?
gage cluster acting gas was the first one to go bad . drove to store came home next time went to drive car turnd wont start . how do i check spark
truns over wont start.checked all othere fuse and realys tested good.and no spark to plug checked only one
no spark to one plug dident check all plugs. no power to inj coil fuse 20 amp. all other fuse test good.sorry my spelling needs help
all gagese are on off work dont work first one to go bad was gas gage . tranny acting up flued is good . car was fine be for this i drove to store came home wen i went to drive again trun key truned over wont start