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Transmission will not release out of 2nd gear until i shut the car off and let it sit for a while, this happens once a day. when the car dose shift there is no issue, feels fluid.
1) When I am driving the "Low Oil Pressure Light" comes on first, then the "Cruise Light" comes on and my car shuts off. I then restart my car and it will not turn off on me for the rest of the day. 2) When I am wa...
I have a 2000 Honda Civic and the ABS light turned on and the radio and a/c stopped working. All of a sudden, the light turned off and the everything started working again. What could the problem be? Please help.
My car will run when it is cold but will not stay running after it warms up it takes 4hours for it to start again
hit the ditch in deep snow, car turned over once to try to reverse went kapoot, wants to turn over now but just doesn't seem to want to start
Looking at past year DEQ reports they seem to change every two year? I read two sensors are in front on Cadillac converter and two more on the other side, four all together. Oh, my check engine light works but doe...
My gas gauge stopped working,air conditioner & windshield wipers. Was told it was the BCM
2 days later, the instrument panel gauges stopped working. the heat comes on automatically, took out the 25 fuse for blower motor, but heat stays on anyway and the gas, rpm speedometer, engine heat gauges don't work. ...
papa cracers@localnet.com while driving all the guages and speed odometer fuel gage ,temp guage rpm, all shut down it still runs
I have a 1993 pt Cruiser turbo with 99k miles. My check engine light just came on. I have not been having any problems with my car. 3 months ago I purchases a new battery. Need help.
when I shut the car off my parking lights stay on and I have to disconnect the battery
My car shutttsoff while driving then starts up right after what could it be I changed the ignition coil please help
car runs fine after being very difficult to start. has new starter and acts like it is out of gas, but if you pump the gas pedal excessively car will eventually start and runs fine,
i have a 93 concord n it will not start it will turn over but not start i have a new battery n had the alternator checked n still nothin can u help me