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Ir doesnt go off everyday and only occasionally. why is this happening and how do I disconnect it?
Now the repair shop claims I need to change a rack to get this to work Why is the power steering not work and am I getting ripped?
It's almost empty. I don't have anyone to help me.
Car wont start replaced distrbutor n crank sensor started for a second n blew distributor again so back to square one again. HELP!!!!!!!!!
put 2 new calipers on they act like they are staying against rotor
What could cause this? Also what needs to be done to fix?
when i go to start my car it drags what could this be the starter or battery
why when i put my key in the ignition the key wont turn wheels wont unlock nothing happens at all please help me its something like an emergency
The bracket holding the driver's side sun visor broke. This caused the 2-wires that light up the mirror (vanity)to split apart. I no longer have the interior lights working. This has also killed the power to my radio....
panel under outer doors are all rusted out.How do I repair them?