The black plastic line blows off might be a week or 2 months. Put new clips on can pull on the line and it's on good then out of the blue pop it's off

The automatic door locks keep trying to lock when the dome lights flicker off and on.

At times when I start my motor, the gauges all work fine (gas, wiper, heater, air conditioner). But now and then when I start the motor the gauges do not move and I get nothing. The air does not work, or the heat, or the wipers or gas. What is causing this? I have checked for loose grounds and loose wiring.

The light where the cup holders between the driver and passenger is intermittent at best and I would like to replace. I would also like to replace the light that illuminates the gears 'P','R,'N''D',etc. That one is completely out and if it's something that isn't too complicated to do then I would like to put a new light in there as well.

not running hot, no other lights or indicators

Ir doesnt go off everyday and only occasionally. why is this happening and how do I disconnect it?

Now the repair shop claims I need to change a rack to get this to work
Why is the power steering not work and am I getting ripped?

It's almost empty. I don't have anyone to help me.

Help with doing it mtself

Car wont start replaced distrbutor n crank sensor started for a second n blew distributor again so back to square one again. HELP!!!!!!!!!

The rear main seal is leaking, I know this for sure

put 2 new calipers on they act like they are staying against rotor

What could cause this? Also what needs to be done to fix?