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Car won't start turns over but won't start
took to mechanic they said fuel pump and filter are OK but check engine light and the rpms doesn't work they couldn't figure out what was wrong with it
I locked doors but when i got out i manually unlocked drivers door.. then i open door and the alarm went crazy!!tried everything disconnect battery,PCM,horn flasher,Help bought the car for my son graduation!! only has...
turn key and can here starter spin but not engage with flywheel is it the car alarm stopping it from starting or is it the neutral safety switch
I have a 2000 Chrysler cirrus LXI with the 2.5l V6 (6G73) the has a small leak in the exhaust kind of sound as i was looking for it i found there was no leak at all, while i was under i did however notice that that so...
Lights radio everything else works just won't fire. Changed ECM & distributor components.
I was driving down the interstate when my engine just stopped running. Tried several times over a 3 hour period, but no go. Had it towed to car shop and they said it was the timing belt. They couldn't give me a price ...
cousin says the bushings are worn on the driveline but I cant find any info on it, and I am buying the car. he says that it grinds/roars when its dry, sounds like its from the drive line, but it doesn't do it when its...
Ir doesnt go off everyday and only occasionally. why is this happening and how do I disconnect it?
I just need to know is it to big to tackle if haven't done this one before.
After plugs and wire replaced, engine now idles over 2000 rpms.
Now the repair shop claims I need to change a rack to get this to work Why is the power steering not work and am I getting ripped?
when a friend was trying to get off my axil the last part wouldn't come off he could not get the pin to unlock so he banged on it and broke the pin
my car will stall wheni slow down and now it has trouble starting, it might go from point a to point b and then not start. the drive fine and be okay , then start stalling all over again. had lots of work done. can't ...
replaced timing belt crank sensor plugs cap rotor wires and it runs rough when cold runs great warmed up