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Car won't start turns over but won't start
took to mechanic they said fuel pump and filter are OK but check engine light and the rpms doesn't work they couldn't figure out what was wrong with it
Lights radio everything else works just won't fire. Changed ECM & distributor components.
We put in new cramshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor and its got new spark plug etc... The car will not start it is dead and it has new battery too.
if i park and left the head lights on the alert does not work.
I took my car to Aamco to have some transmission work done on it. As soon as I left i noticed that none of my gauges were working. I took it back to Aamco. They have had my car for a week now and have no idea what ...
I looked for a drain hose but could not find one. took the fan out and saw water marks on that housing. saw water dripping out of weep hole at bottom of motor shaft housing. can't reach behind cooling coil to find ...
checked timing marks, lined up trailing crank tooth to pump housing and cam gear marks align. no spark on 2 and 3 cylinders, checked pcm operation with led light, no pcm actuation on 2, 3 wire, but 1 4 wire pulses fin...
Like I said when it runs it runs like a brand new car and it seems like every other day it decides to not start it will crank but actually start I can crank it until the battery dies and it does nothing sometime i can...
does it take any spl. tools
My horn will beep randomly, short, fast, long quickly. It's not only when I hit a bump. I can be at a stop light. I will just hit the steering wheel when it blows to make it stop. It's quite embarrassing.....Suggestions