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Car drove fine all morning. Suddenly started this on fourth start of day. No check engine light. Did it again when husband started and drove down street.
My husband got up and started the car and he went out to leave and it stalled and now it only cranks over but don't have any spark . we changed the Crank cencer checked for cracks in the ditibertor .
My husband went out started it and it stalled and now it won't start at all we changed the crank censer and we still don't have a spark .it's the only car we have for work help
It will start back up as long as you turn the ignition all the off. It will either run irraticly or fine.
I had posted before, and said oil instead of gas. distributer had to be replace, then cylinders full of oil, it was drained, valves,tune up, then real bad hesitation. Flashed computr twice, and then engine tach woul...
head casket and distributor replaced. Oil in cylinders. Also the tach will go up and down, but only when at full operating temperate and complete stop. Oil mileage is about 10 mpg. Help! tHANK YOU LARRY
driving with ac on an it stop working .but if i hold the switch it will come on but if i dont hold the switch no work.what could it be?
It will come back on It does not shut down just once in a while-but it smoke stinking exaust from underneath a lot!!!
ive poored water in the coolant n comes strait out and thrz a leak toward the driver side thrs water spot up above but cant tell whr bout its coming frm.
the car starts for 5 seconds then dies could it be the security system?
My timing belt broke. Is the Cirrus 2.5 v6 engine an interference engine? If I change the timing belt will the car still work or should I sell it?