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My rear ves quit working. Where can I one get it repaired? My dvd player still work s.
Just want to get feedback from Aspen/Aspen Hybrid '09 or '10 owners about its performance pro & con). Would appreciate it.
Wondering if wheel alignment is necessary and other than tow in is that still done on theses newer SUVs
The front DVD player still works just fine. I tried installing new software but it still don't work. All fuses checked out OK also unless there is a fuse located somewhere else that I am not aware of.
2009 Chrysler Aspen with 26100 miles will not start. Took to dealer and they check battery and ran test and found everything in good condition. Yet 24 hours will not start again.
my 09 aspen uses about 1 qt of oil between oil changes i have only 36000. on the motor i was told by a service tech that the 4.7 liter uses oil?