When I try to roll down the windows it will not roll down. The sunroof will not work either.

Raer heat will not blow warm air

When we had oil changed in Dec. was told serpentine belt was due for replacement. Could this be he problem?

Radio will only come on if its cold out and once it warms up it shuts off. The remote starter starts the vehicle for a few seconds and then shuts off. any suggestions?

I wanted the estimated cost of repair.

For ten or fifteen minutes. Alternator charge bounces down to 12 volts for split second

dealer states it is a module connected to the clock spring and is on a national back order due to so many going bad. Why isn't this a recall

Driving along the freeway, no load on truck, slow for traffic, go to accelerate and it has shifted to Tow Mode. Won't shift back to OD. Stop, turn off engine, wait a couple, start up and back to OD. Up hill auto shift down, shifts to Tow Mode, won't shift back to OD.

I have play with hose but won't go there is not enough room took off the muffler to have some room but it gets stuck on pecies of the Fraim..and how the hose is is not straight it had curves everywhere I can see to find a way to put it on

My Chrysler aspen turn off while driving and turns light on of like oil and I just change the oil

turn signal for rear right needs replaced, what do i disassemble to get to this

My aspen has been shutting down on me for a few weeks now I would place it back in park and turn it back on again this will happen I come to lights, stop signs and etc. yesterday while heading to work coming across a bridge it cut off completely I had know brakes and once I was able to get the truck to stop. It never cut back on. I thought it ran out of gas because I was low that wasn't the issue. one person thinks I "jump time" whatever that due to fact it's cranking faster than normal.