noise to try even when the car is off. I get 2 lights that go on and off the 1st is SVC 4X4 and the other Low 4x4. Happens more at low speeds. Changed the transfer case fluid but it didn't help. Anyone had this happen? What was wrong?

code says no. six piston not firing,car pulls away from a dead stop and miss fires,[skips]on take off,this is a dodge hemi will run ok but if piston is not firing could it be a selonoid ? sp? switch or a bad problem inside the engine? code 3794 thanks

same qustion as asked above,left out code number in first post po174 system too lean bank 2

code reads system too lean bank 2,is this aswitch or fuel injection problem no. 6 cylinder?

To put grease into the rear axel

At startup and idling

Stops if you speed up or slow down anybody hv this problem

and this morning I try to go to work and my car does not want to go in reverse my dash lights in on nor my headlights turn on the lights inside my car what could it be

The Cruise Control does not work either. I took it to Autozone, they ran the scan and it came up as the rear left Speed Sensor. I purchased a new one and changed it out. Still, nothing. No changes. I returned to Autozone and they read the computer again.....same code. I have checked the fuses, the brakes and brake fluid is all good.......have no idea where to go from here.
Any ideas would be helpful.

My aspen has been having problems with he key ignition switch. The key will not turn at all sometimes and sometimes it will. When it want start or turn I will take the key out and flip it and after doing this several times until the key finally turns then car starts with no problems. It does it randomly and after talking with a locksmith he advised that I do three steps which will cost a lot of money and I just need to know what anyone else thinks or has anyone else had this problem. I mean the key want turn at all, it is just stuck in the ignition and after taking it out and flipping it and flipping it , it finally works.