I have a subwoofer in a amp in for some reason my six by nines keep making this crackling sound and cutting in and out

My rpm jumps to 3000 and its like im stepping on the gas and the car idols reall hi

My cam gears line up with marks at the exhaust stroke. at end of intake stroke.marks face down. When I removed plugs all onpassengr side were clean and all on drivers side were black

it just came on while I was driving but when I turned the car off for about 15 min while in the store it did not start

My dealer says I have to buy a wiring harness yet in the car it is separate from the rest of the wiring although contained in common tubing. Used is not a good option!

I then use starting fluid and it usually starts right up but it sounds like a diesel when it first starts. It then will start normal for about a month and it then does it again. No check engine light comes on or anything and I always use middle grade gas and it is usually always chevron or shell.

Im getting a p0420 and 430 codes, should I try cleaning my oxygen sensors

the code was P0406 exhaust recirculation sensor A circuit high

put a new power steering pump on

Car has 232,000 miles on it

Car: 2004 Chrysler 300m

Issue: put 2 quartz of oil in car afterwards while hood was up tried to remote start it and car didn't start. Then closed hood, tried to start again with remote starter then it started a couple times; one after the other, each time staying on a few seconds......NOW it won't start at all. Engine will not turn over with remote starter or key.

And all the lights work inside and out as well as the windshield wipers, radio, CD and the alarm works. I must mention I have an Astro starter and the car didn't respond to it or an actual key. Prior to all was fine but often used the remote starter for everything. And I did contact Astro.

Can you please advise as to what may have happened for the car was doing fine until this......

Thank you.