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Just got my battery replaced and I'm trying to get my car to pass the smog test for the second time, Got no codes or active readings on sensors.
my alarm keeps chirping like all th time, Ive changed th batteries in the remote...
I have a 2000 Chrysler 300 M, I had a whining sound first off when I cranked up in the morning so I took to the shop and they said it was my racket pinon steering that needed replaced also my sway links needed replace...
the mechanic I took my car to claimed that something was hit, but the problem is I did not hit anything that would've caused this to happen.. earlier I had to jump my car because I accidentally left a light on and aft...
Sometimes depending on weather it will be louder when colder out and quiet when hot out
i have tried to moves wires around it would work for a while but always returns and now you cant keep a fuse good more than a couple minutes what should i be looking for???
How can I use alligator clip testing leads to see if the motors on the fan work
The clanking noise mainly when i turned,as if i was running over bumps,an now the tires are pointing in opposite directions. An the steering is straight
Drove it for 20 miles and it still didn't get very hot