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I have a 2000 300m that will not start. I shut it off and then tried to start it after work and it wouldn't start. It fired once and then wouldn't fire again. Cranks but no fire. Has spark, changed plugs, seems to...
My Chrysler 300m 1999 is experiencing a power distribution problem and my wiring harness is gone out. No one in the country has the part I need in stock, so I'm asking is there another car with a similar harness that'...
got off.advance auto said I needed an alternator; bought one.still had to get a jump. bought new battery.car was doing good.didnt drive it for 3 days.went to start it today; completely dead
Put my car on the machine it said something about the transmission and the gears being open. Noe none of my windows roll up my ac when cut on makes me likgts flicker. My car want say cranked up.my gears no longer swit...
Replaced my battery cables my battery and my starter but my engine light came on but no codes when I do the key dance....please help me
battery only 3 mo. old. had it tested twice, checks new. everything shut off, was told it was a relay somewhere but doesn't know which one.
I can not use the auto stick to shift. The gear shifter will go in place but it doesn't register on the dash.