I've determined that the heater core is leaking, but not sure if it's the actual core or the metal lines brazed onto the core

The problem with the noise is when I am backing up while turning or going forward while turning it sounds like it is winding up real tight

It popped out of place for no reason

Someone mentioned the throttle?

The battery light, check engine, ABS 7 traction light came on. Same time my AC turned on, went hot them stopped blowing but I could hear the sound as if it was still on. In addition to this the car accelerated on its own. Help

Dash light warns of engine problem. Diagnostic computer reads codes for oil pressure sensor and circuit. Gas mileage dropping from the 20's to the teens. Rough idle. Dealer says nothing is out there concerning problem. Whats going on? Anyone please thank you

Two days I have had to jump it to start. All lights come on and all components work fine in on position. Just will not turn over. After jump oil change light comes on and it only been 1000 miles since changed. 21000 miles total on car.

Hello, Can I switch an I4 engine into an I6 in a Chrysler 200 convertible?

The clicking sound happens when I turn the car on, sometimes I even hear it when the car isn't running. It lasts maybe 30 seconds and sounds like it's coming from the glove box. I recently had my cabin air filter replaced. It happens when the fan is blowing for the AC, haven't used the heat lately so it may happen with that running too. Any idea what this is, how to fix it or how much it will cost?

the sound is coming from glove box it stay on 5 to10 sec off and on

we cannot get to the headlight bulb. need to know how to tell if they are xenon or regular bulbs.