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What could this be? It sounds worst when I turn to the left.
The clicking sound happens when I turn the car on, sometimes I even hear it when the car isn't running. It lasts maybe 30 seconds and sounds like it's coming from the glove box. I recently had my cabin air filter rep...
the sound is coming from glove box it stay on 5 to10 sec off and on
we cannot get to the headlight bulb. need to know how to tell if they are xenon or regular bulbs.
If slowdown to below 60 MPH all this stops & the car runs normally.
After 2 or 3 attempts it starts and runs fine.
Stops after about 20 seconds or so. Can I disconnect the 2 wires under the dashboard like in the Seabring? Just bought the 2 weeks ago. Should not have problem at 360000. Not happy at all.
Passenger can't release seat belt to exit the car. After pushing the button for 20 mins it finally released. Then happened again when I had another passenger. It's like the button isn't working.
Water gushing out and ideas what it might be causing that.
Seems to be better when car is warmed up. Car has 20,000 miles and has been to the dealership 3 times over this issue. Thanks for any help you can give. Terburg
When I turn the A/C on I get a loud clicking sound that lasts for 15 sec then keeps repeating itself. It comes from under the passenger vent , behind the glove box. When I turn the reticulation button on the sound goe...
what tools do i need? If my hubs didnt come with the abs sensor can i use the old ones?
2005 Dodge Magnum with electrical problems...
Are they pressed on or is the hub brg. need pressed out and put in the new rotors.
...when applying the brake sometimes.I have 12,000 miles (+) and wanted to how to tell if its the breaks or just because the salt/snow we've been having just has made things dry? I hope that makes sense...I'm guessing...
I see the recalls on this site, but when I asked the dealership/shop while getting an oil change they said mine doesn't have a recall.What gives? (I am a female).. Thanks..
I need to know whwere the seat belt modual is located on the 2011 200
My 200 has barely 5000 miles on it. Ever since I got it the brakes have squealed, feels as though something is holding the car back from going And when I hit the gas..... Talk about "HESITATION" 3 times in a row i tri...
where are the adjusting screws looated
First incident 9/6/11, started the car, there was a zinging noise while starting, the engine warning light came on. We stopped and started the car again, no noise but the engine warning light stayed on. By the time ...