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Van did not pass smog do to a bad evap hose, how much would it cost to replace or fix?
The one I'm looking at has 200000+ and I want to get an idea of how many more I might be able to get out of it.
My ABS engages all of the time. i replaced the speed sensors and it stopped for about 2 days and then started back up. What else could it be?
when I start my chev venture van it make a grinding noise on right side of motor. for the past week i have heard a weird grinding noise or almost sounds like water boiling over in dash board. But when I try to drive t...
vehicle starts with no problema but it looses power as it starts to drive.
Fluid level fine. No acrid smell.sometimes it shifts fine. Especially first thing in the morning. Could it be electronic in nature? sensor etc.
when running gas guage shows well above full. with vehicle off guage shows a quarter tank when should show below "E". 2005 chevy venture. whats up ???
The plug for my daytime running lights is burnt up where the bulb goes in. It is also cracking apart. How do I replace that part. I am pretty handy, is this something I can do myself?
speedomoter doesnt work
resentley purchased,when i test drove there was a grinding noise in the front the seller assured me it was only because the brakes were wet. anyway i think it will need new brakes,my concern is that with it being fron...