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A few weeks ago some repairs had to be made on my van, it drove fine until last week when engine overheated. I added water and has been fine since. 3 days ago while I was driving the dashboard was acting crazy. Made a...
My engine whines at start up and while driving I was told it was a idler pulley but was not shown which one was the idler pulley
Van did not pass smog do to a bad evap hose, how much would it cost to replace or fix?
In front too? I have never had to change the plugs on this vehicle before.
I know I have a 1/2 tank of gas, but when I start the ignition the fuel gauge reads completely full. If I idle, the gauge will fall to completely empty & the low fuel warning will appear. The gauge will once again go ...
I have replaced all the hoses and thermostat and the van still over heat
just need to know how much it will cost me
changed valve cover gasket, putting it back together there is a hose that comes off the ribbed piece near top right of the engine where does the vacuum hose go?
I ruined the lick key cylinder antanna when replacing ignition wire harness now car won't start...iv reprogrammed the door locks with a new OEM keyless entry transmitter already and it works
tension pulley replaced already, all other bearing seem okay
Have heard my power steering pump whining and then when I would turn it would squeal loudly. Now I went to start my van this morning and it is extremely loud like a motorcycle.
Just stop working! Speedometer TECH FUEL & TEMP RADIO reads LOCKED
The one I'm looking at has 200000+ and I want to get an idea of how many more I might be able to get out of it.
Already replaced EGR, & EGR sensor, & evap pipes
Car come on be wont stay on