shifted to reverse to get out of parking space when i shifted to drive i had no gear ,handle limp

When switching from reverse to drive the handle is just moving up and down as if it is broken or out of place.

How to fix my radio.w

I am working on a Chevy Venture with intermittent coolant gauge. Complaint was no coolant gauge operation, and cooling fans were not kicking on. I unplugged the ECT connector to verify if the fans were bad. They ran perfectly fine. However, as soon as the ECT is plugged in again, they shut off. I replaced ECT with a known good sensor to test if the sensor was bad. It still did the same thing. So is it the connector/wires, ECM, or my luck?

the bar brake light still works. I checked the fuses

Whe i was driving. A loud pop sound followed by air leaking. Fivured i popped my tire. But none where flat

A few weeks ago some repairs had to be made on my van, it drove fine until last week when engine overheated. I added water and has been fine since. 3 days ago while I was driving the dashboard was acting crazy. Made a sound, like shutting off and all gauges turned as though the engine was shut off but then everything comes back to normal. The engine doesn't stall but at times the low fuel alarm sounds off then goes back to normal. Then the msg window rotates from "change engine oil" to "low fuel" to "battery" to "security". All the while the engine drives perfectly fine. What is going on?

Have heard my power steering pump whining and then when I would turn it would squeal loudly. Now I went to start my van this morning and it is extremely loud like a motorcycle.

Just stop working!