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A few weeks ago some repairs had to be made on my van, it drove fine until last week when engine overheated. I added water and has been fine since. 3 days ago while I was driving the dashboard was acting crazy. Made a...
Have heard my power steering pump whining and then when I would turn it would squeal loudly. Now I went to start my van this morning and it is extremely loud like a motorcycle.
Just stop working! Speedometer TECH FUEL & TEMP RADIO reads LOCKED
Car come on be wont stay on
back open. even attempting to close manually does not work at times. when brought to my mechanic it worked so he couldn't help. seems that in warmer weather it is more consistent, but in colder weather it acts up and...
I am having Chervolet Venture, model 2004. Recently had failure in engine belt and had replaced with new (alongwith the tensioner). After replacing the engine belt (probably after 1 week), it is observed the engine ov...
when fueling 2004 venture gage will noe register so you don,t know how much fuel you have n
The gear shifter felt loose and couldn't go into any gear but stayed in reverse. I shut It off snd it wouldn't start or even crank.But it has battery power .I suspect the shifter cable is broke? Not sure.I think it is...
temperature gauge went haywire and now no tail lights. do these 2 things have anything in common and if so how do i fix it?
it will drive about 1 minute, then die. It may or may not restart.
Van is running good, this is the first time problem. Checked fuses, all are good.