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how when should the timing chain be replaced?
We have a a big problem with the engine light coming on alot. When it comes on u feel the van bucks abit and then after a bit it loose all power and shut down. It always starts again right after. The garage has scop...
what is the cause for my hard shiffting? the check engine light never comes on
I'm getting ready to replace friends front pads on 03 Venture van. Just wondering if caliper has regular bolts or do I need hex wrench to remove? thanks.
I have 118000Km on my van and never flushed radiator.
No prolem, Justn preventive maintenance.
There is no problem in my van right now but I want to do preventive maintenance.
What would cause the service traction system light to come on and the trac off light as well as the abs light. when i hit the break pedal it kinda bounces and makes strange noisy like a springy type please help me tha...
When I turn on my car it sounds as if I turned the key too much just for a moment. Grinding noise.
Where are these two items located on my 2003 Chevy venture? TPS and Idle Air Control Motor? Do you have a diagram I can look at and something to explain how to replace them.
I had the whole ac sytem replace and ever since then the engine has been running really hott. the machanic said he had to remove the radiator to install the ac compressor. the coolant level is full check for air open ...
Can you teell me were the expansion vale is located. i have had a mechanic replace my whole ac system and he had to re gas my system up about a week later but the gauges will go up to about 375 on the high side but th...
I was having problems with the blower control switch. I turned it on high, and soon after it began to smoke from the CD player compartment. I took out the front ac/heat control panel and the wires behind the blower sp...
Took my car to an electrical mechanic and he charged me $150 to rewire the fuse box. Is that a reasonable price or did he take advantage of my lack of automotive knowledge?