Already replaced EGR, & EGR sensor, & evap pipes

I did a carmd and it showed me the areas to get check out the H02S-11 heater circuit malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

Even when I disconnect the battery a high pitched, fast, chirping noise comes from what sounds like the inside back of the van.

now the dash tells me security the car wont turn over or anything,if l bypass the starter and manually start it it will only run for about three seconds then shut down. [ have tried all the relearn proceadures with no luck. the light on top of the dash is not on or flashing any ideas at all would be greatly appreassiated

How much would it cost to replace both wheel bearing hub on fwd Chevrolet venture van

Cold or hot (use to be just a cold problem ) When you try to start the van it just cranks and cranks to the point i think im going to burn out my starter ,so i stop and try again on the second or third try it will start and run fine. no power loss no stalls . runs great when it feels like starting .

The van will not shift into park or any other gear. It shifted fine going and coming back just when I went to put it into park.