Repairs done so far
Intake Manifold Gasket done 1 year ago
Plugs and wires
Fuel Filter
Crankshaft Positioning Sensor Both of them
Air Filter
Cleaned IAC til it looked brand new
Replaced the Wiring Harness for Cam Shaft Sensor
It's stalling dead saying service traction system, low fuel, battery light, security. We are completely confused and so is our mechanic. Please Help!!

when i change gear it feels like its broke and it wont change into gear

I just bought the van for 500$ and it has over 150000 miles what what is the first thing I should do I don't have money to pay someone to fix it Im gonna do it myself. Also get codes p0141 & b1s2

my 2003 venture was working fine shut it off then 15 min later started right up but will not shift into gear freely and loosely moves back and forth but will not go into gear

New alternator had it tested before putting in new battery van still is dying and battery light is staying on. Im lost on what else could be wrong

I know I have a 1/2 tank of gas, but when I start the ignition the fuel gauge reads completely full. If I idle, the gauge will fall to completely empty & the low fuel warning will appear. The gauge will once again go to full if I shut off the engine and restart. No service lights appear when this happens (other than the low fuel light & bell tone). My engine has been running high RPMs at times and a new EGR valve has been placed. The engine temp will read high, but not into the red zone when it races.

changed valve cover gasket, putting it back together there is a hose that comes off the ribbed piece near top right of the engine where does the vacuum hose go?

tension pulley replaced already, all other bearing seem okay