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makes the noise as you drive. no change in turning acelleration..checked CV joint.
While getting up to speed entering freeway it seamed to go into neutral and won't go into gear. All visible moving parts work. What might be the probablem. The diagnostic code say - p0730 incorrect gear ratio- p0742 t...
2002 Chevy Venture van. Will be driving and all of a sudden the Low Oil Pressure light and a bell rings. Have had the oil changed several times since so it's not a bad filter. Does it more often when we turn a corner.
I know it has something to do with the traction control but that's about it. It is always on but I don't notice any side affects.
Vehicle 2002 chevyn venture 6 cyl. Vehicle will run. then you shut it off and try and start it back up and it won't run won't do anything. Then you wait awhile then it will start like there not even a problem. Had it ...
my van is losing gas, dying when turning sharp and engine running rough. only 45mi hr up hill. needs tune up i know. just need to know where to start first. lots of miles on van
battery replaced recently, charging system tested ok. where would i start testing for power loss when car is off. no obvious wire breaks or shorts to ground. thanks.
I have a large leak code, had a leak test done with no leaks detected.now what