Everything is connected how was and Disconnect battery and fuses few times and still won't start

I posted all I have did in earlier post, if you could tell me where the bad wires where in another post, and all the things it could be(check prior post for all that's been done) I hate to pull tank again and put another pump in if this going to keep happening. Thanks, Don C

Van at for some weeks. Battery drained. Jump-started and ran fine. Shut off and battery dead. Took to shop. Tested and traced wiring nothing found. Possible problems narrowed to alarm system glitch or key reader box aged out. Replaced key reader and programmed keys in. It seemed to fix issues. Three weeks later my alarm went off...went to check van. Battery drained out. Put on trickle charge for a week. battery can't maintain enough charge to start. Alarm goes off at intervals. Can I bypass alarm system? It must be the problem.

I have tried most every advice written about " rotating engine forward", but I still cannot gain access to the rear bank of my 3.4L to change plugs. Looking for any fresh ideas!


Because all windows are not working I checked the 30 amp circuit fuse and switched it out with other 30 amp circuit fuse and it still does not work. Removed all of the switches and I do not see any broken or lose wires. Where else should I check?

I had this problem about 18 mos ago and was told it was the computer so they replaced that and have not driven much since then as it is a second car.

I feel it in the gas peddle and my foot when I accelerate...I have a 2001 chevy venture w/ b edition...thank u

ERG vacuum

my fan goes slow I have checked the relays and they are good and new. the van gets hot three line from very hot. what could it be