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Wen Torqin rockets at 168 lbs wth torque wrench that goes only 150 lbs, why do push rods start to bend n then it says to add 30 degree turn more. Instruction book typo? Or bad rods.

I have a transmission. From a 200 4 impala I want to know if it will work in my 200 venture

There is a pump attached to the overflow tank what is it?

Replaced tensoner arm assembly 3 months back. Installed new belt today and almost instantly walked off. Returned to store and verified belt is correct size. New tensoner arm looks a little askew to myself, and hoping that is my culprit. Replacing it tomorrow with my fingers crossed. Could it be my crank pulley?

I have already checked all the fuses, changed the bulbs and changed the break switch.

replaced new spark plugs and now it won't reverse.

Part costs me around $50. Shop estimates $267. is that a fair price?

I have replaced all the hoses and thermostat and the van still over heat