Replaced fuel filter fuel pump kicks on

Vehicle runs poorly no pick up

The coolant has been leaking for a while, one mechanic changed the hose clamp and a couple of things the last time.
Now (2 months later) the coolant is leaking again. I took it to another mechanics that seems more trustworthy.
He says the lower intake is leaking which is a common problem on Chevy Venture from that year. He showed me and indeed it is leaking from there.
He says there is over 6 hours of labor involved in changing it, which would bring the price to nearly $800. The intake set itself cost around $120.
Is that a fair price?

Thank you.

cold and hot engine
at driving and in any gear
at demand of power after 2000 rpm
the tranny start to crying and hissing.
it wont slip ,still driving
what really happen to the transmission?

July 03,2015,this past friday.Saturday,the very next day,this van started "Hard Shifting" and the check engine light came on.I read on "Repair Pal" about other people who have the same problem and how to fix.Quick O.K. is a "Buy here Pay here" lot and i see a problem on the way.Every thing else about this vehical seem's to be in great condition.Should i fix it or ask for different vehical? These little places are so difficult when it comes to being honest and fair,once they get your money.I have a Nissan Xterra in my yard broke down,financed,Trans.cross contamination.No help there,$4,200 repair i can't pay for.They will repo.soon.What can i do? I just want a car that's not broke down.Thank's.

What should the cost of the blower fan & replacement cost?

need a fan belt replaced. what's the average cost for the belt and replacement?

The wheel get hard when driving what is the problem? She couldnt make a turn she had to turn it off an on again!

It acts like it wants to crank but wont

Your question: "1999 chevy venture van ac/heater blower and rear window defogger don't work properly. Sometimes when I turn off the engine and remove the key the blower continues to blow and when engines is running the blower will not work. HELPPPPPPPP PLEASE!

intermittently at night dash lights go out running lights don't come on. head lights always work, also brake lights work when the pedal is pressed. checked drl fuse, and relay seams to work.

we replaced fuel pump checked the coil it ran for 1 mile or so and wont start again please help