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The wheel get hard when driving what is the problem? She couldnt make a turn she had to turn it off an on again!
It acts like it wants to crank but wont
Your question: "1999 chevy venture van ac/heater blower and rear window defogger don't work properly. Sometimes when I turn off the engine and remove the key the blower continues to blow and when engines is running th...
intermittently at night dash lights go out running lights don't come on. head lights always work, also brake lights work when the pedal is pressed. checked drl fuse, and relay seams to work.
we replaced fuel pump checked the coil it ran for 1 mile or so and wont start again please help
We recently completed some engine work and we cannot figure out where this vacuum line that runs behind the alternator goes. The van runs good, but we can hear the sound and have an extra line.
The fuel pump was changed and nothing else can be detected without having the vehicle specs
do i have to replace entire cable or just the tip that broke
I'm a little confused by what they mean by the "lower console" in my 1999 Silhouette. The instructions for replacing the heater core tell me to remove the lower console to access the heater core cover.
it was a defective wheel-bearing, it was suggested i replace both front wheel bearings, which i opted to do. thanks for you help
where is the hazard flasher relay located at? the book says to the left of the steering column its not there.... i have looked all over short of pulling the radio... i can hear my hazards ping but cant locate the flas...