vin number 1GNDV33148D108142

Then other time it works like it is suppose to

TC light on control panel

Diagnostic test said pcm power control module sensor

no key fob. must use key for entry via drivers' door. liftgate won't unlock. went thru owners manual. van not equipped with upgrade comp. have LS model , long w/b.

I've changed the sensor power steering pump gas cap. Light is still on.

Why this light is keep on coming frequently and stay permanently. " check ABS monitor system, Stability system and Traction system. I just fix the transmission, change water tank and pump last year around September. Also there is this smell like burning steel just recently

After that I've changed a new mass air flow sensor and start the engine the still on. I would to know do I need to test drive after I replace it.

Took to mechanic and said it showed a code that said it was a roof rail sensor. Where is that located and how do I change it.

down before it will start again, repeats itself in that manner
We have taken it to many mechanics and they cannot find problem we need help

This started earlier last year. It hapens very seldom. Almost always is wet weather. When the engin stops you get no warning lights or anything. You cost to a stop and try restarting it. When it restarts it shaks and runs really rough, Pushing the accerator down allows you to drive. However very slowly. Only 5-10 mph. Speed picks up but only with high RPM. Then as quickly as it started it's good again.
This is a scary thing. The engin failure can happen at low speeds or high speeds. You have to get off the road very quickly. Auto Zone and my mec have been unable to find the problem. Help

The problem has gotten worse over time and the monoxide is killing me. Machanic could not locate problem. Heard it is from a EGR valve & tube has a leak. Being close to the firewall and clean air box for cabin it gets pulled in.

We had our brakes done by a friend. after a couple of days the abs and trac control lights came on and the warnings came across the panel. is it possible that they just left a wire loose somewhere? if so where would I look? seems like quite a coincidence.

Stability control active message appears while going down the road at regular speeds even on straight aways, causing vibration in front end and feels like the breaks are automatically engaging.