vin number 1GNDV33148D108142

Once I put the vehicle in gear, I get a tone , as I'm driving the tone gets higher pitched and faster...can you advise!!!
Thank you, Margaret England

Then other time it works like it is suppose to

thought it was a bad sensor, replaced
still stays on BUT not all the time

I would like to know where this plug is supposed to be connected if at all. My Uplander is registering as running hot although I just replaced the radiator. It seems to be fine until I get to about 45 to 45. Then the temp gauge jumps up. It drops back down when I left off of the gas and coast. I'm thinking the thermostat may need to be changed as well but this plug makes me wonder. It wasn't plugged in when I started changing the radiator and I'm wondering if it has something to do with my problems.

TC light on control panel

Diagnostic test said pcm power control module sensor

the large belt on the left when looking at the engine is splitting and hitting the hood I think it is going to break do i have time and what belt is it and do you know a quess of the price to replace

no key fob. must use key for entry via drivers' door. liftgate won't unlock. went thru owners manual. van not equipped with upgrade comp. have LS model , long w/b.

Make: Chevrolet

Model: Uplander

Engine: 3.9L

Year: 2007

Error codes: C0035,C0036

Knowledge level: I know little about cars

Help needed: Please help me find out what is going on and how to fix it.

Sometimes when I try to start the van, the lights flicker, the horn beeps, the fan turns but no ignition. Is this a sensor issue or could my auto start key be the problem

Really, happened all at once. Will only move in reverse. Heard it could be something electrical?

Please help me find out what is going on and how to fix it.

My Uplander was rear ended a few days ago. The bumper is damaged, dented and pushed in. I brought it to my insurance and they said that the door being unable to open is not caused by being rear ended at almost 50 miles per hour by a car (KIA). That the motor just stopped working. Where can I find the motor for the cargo door on the uplander? As they are saying if the motor stopped working it will not be covered. Please note that the door was working perfectly until this accident. This vehicle has not been in any previous accidents to date.

I've changed the sensor power steering pump gas cap. Light is still on.

My low oil pressure light came on today. I put oil in the van. I had a oil change two months ago. I recently took a trip I'm 200 miles over for my next oil change will that cause the van to do what it is doing?

i change the thermostat in it put knew antifreeze in it.IT'S BEEN GOING ON ABOUT 6 MONTH'S.

Why this light is keep on coming frequently and stay permanently. " check ABS monitor system, Stability system and Traction system. I just fix the transmission, change water tank and pump last year around September. Also there is this smell like burning steel just recently

The control panel lights come on and the interior lights come on but the windows won't work or the doors won't lock. The battery, alternator, and starter test fine. I do have a security message on my control panel.what is wrong? And what can I tell my mechanic to do?

After that I've changed a new mass air flow sensor and start the engine the still on. I would to know do I need to test drive after I replace it.

Changed every fuse and every light on the van it say servise park light I don't know what to do

Lights ondashboard wont go on. Battery full change ecm.starter alternatir good. What is wrong?

What tools do i need to replace thermostat? What needs to come off to get the thermostat housing off.

i have a 2006 chevy uplander it wont start the key turns but it wont start, I changed the ignition and it still wont start, I also changed the starter and it will not start what could it be

Took to mechanic and said it showed a code that said it was a roof rail sensor. Where is that located and how do I change it.

down before it will start again, repeats itself in that manner
We have taken it to many mechanics and they cannot find problem we need help