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I understand that the drain can get stopped up and condensate can back up and overflow on to the floorboard. This happened before on a long trip with the air on then again recently. Previous owner parked under trees...
Check engine light is on no codes but it won't start. Already replaced fuel pump, starter and battery. Any ideas of what it could be?
Stability control active message appears while going down the road at regular speeds even on straight aways, causing vibration in front end and feels like the breaks are automatically engaging.
I hear the lock unlocking but gate will not open
My tanks full reads only 3/4 full turn van off and back on then it reads full for a little while.I drive 3hrs and barely moves what's wrong and how much do you think this will cost me or could I fix this my self.
It looks like I will need to move starter out of the way? is there anything else I shoud look out for? is there any tricks to the dealing with the lack of space.
the message center indicates that the Batt. tender is working on, after our son changed the battery in it. I've performed the raise the cable off of the post while running to see if it would stall, letting me know tha...
On the information center a message comes on saying that charging system failure. After the engine runs for a few minutes the message goes away. I put a load tester on the system on it and it shows a weak charging sys...
It doesn't do it all of the time just once in a while when I checked the fluid it looks a bit more than full and there a small bubbles on it.should I have it flushed and refilled? How much would that cost?
A message on the information center shows charging failure. I put a load tester on the system and it shows weak charging system what is most like to be the problem?
I bought this van and noticed that when the auto headlights /heater/ and windshield wipers were turned on together that the heater and wipers would quit (auto lights still worked). After restarting the van if the ligh...
I thought it was the BCM so I put a brand new one in ..Yet I am still having this problem. What is the problem. Please help.....This happened as soon as I got it and drove it more than 20 miles I noticed it now it do...
It doesn't shift hard all the time intermittent hard shift
Gear position indicator will not illuminate in park or reverse. Illuminates in all other gears. Will not start in park, but will start in neutral. What are the potential issues causing this? Repair costs?
What does this include? What is estimated cost of repair?
These are electric mirrors. I cannot find a blown fuse, I can't believe both motors will go bad at the same time.
You can turn the fan off and it stays on it won't switch from defogger to anywhere
When I start my van the brakes go to the floor and can not get the shifter to go in reverse it is locked. If I turn van off and pump up brakes they pump up and sometimes releases something so I can shift into reverse....