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I bought this van and noticed that when the auto headlights /heater/ and windshield wipers were turned on together that the heater and wipers would quit (auto lights still worked). After restarting the van if the ligh...
What does this include? What is estimated cost of repair?
These are electric mirrors. I cannot find a blown fuse, I can't believe both motors will go bad at the same time.
full of gaz,batterie full charge,if i turn the ignition the horn comes on an truck do not start .60k in good order with no other problems ,first time it hapens.what is the problem.
Its been 2x they reset the check engine light coz of gasoline cup..i bring it to a repair shop..but 3weeks later the check engine lights on again..i dont know if its need to change the gasoline cap
The rubber grommet on my 2007 Chevy Uplander needs replaced. Can anyone give me a rough estimate on how much this would cost?
needs replaced. Can anyone tell give me a rough estimate as to how much this would cost.
where is my evap valve and solonide located on my 2007 uplander van ...wgat diez it look like too