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what can I do to fix this problem without going to the big expensive deale
Neither side doors are working and have to be open manually. The owners manual said something about resetting the doors. Also could this be a fuse or switch issue. Thanks.
I can't figure out how to remove it
Battery was charged and tested today with no problems
my vehicle will not shift into drive, but will shift manually
I have a code po449 and he wanted $212 to fix it. HE said the harness was fine and it was the valve. Found it for $35 if I find out I can change it
it blows warm air in the back but not the front
This happen more often on hot days. We have anew starter just two months ago.
a few weeks ago we were coming home came down a hill and lost power would not start. We tried changing the fuel pump. We changed the fuel pump and there is gas in the van however it is till not starting. I am wonderin...
Our front and back wipers are not working. Need to know how to replace motor or where to start to get this fixed. Would like to fix ourselves.
trans fluid level was at the minimum line upon checking right after it happen. Fluid was topped off and no change.
My vehicle has a rear air shock pump/motor? and is draining my battery. Can this be cause of my problem when vehicle sits for five days without use the battery drains and will not start.? onece charged it works fine.
So when I am going 55 MPH, when I look down it is about on the "2" and it then seems like it jumps up past 2 and then back. It will do this like every few minutes.