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It looks like I will need to move starter out of the way? is there anything else I shoud look out for? is there any tricks to the dealing with the lack of space.
On the information center a message comes on saying that charging system failure. After the engine runs for a few minutes the message goes away. I put a load tester on the system on it and it shows a weak charging sys...
It doesn't do it all of the time just once in a while when I checked the fluid it looks a bit more than full and there a small bubbles on it.should I have it flushed and refilled? How much would that cost?
A message on the information center shows charging failure. I put a load tester on the system and it shows weak charging system what is most like to be the problem?
auto zone told me were temp sensor was located they are wrong so were is it 2005 chev uplander with a 3.5 in it
All turn signal bulbs are fine, and work as long as the headlights are not switched on. I get the "right turn signal light not working" message
Problem: Code Definition: HO2S Heater Resistance Bank 1 Sensor 1 Cost?
Was diagnosed to have the rack and pinion replaced due to front end shaking while driving at certain speeds.