2005 Chevrolet Uplander Questions

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Once I put the vehicle in gear, I get a tone , as I'm driving the tone gets higher pitched and faster...can you advise!!!
Thank you, Margaret England

thought it was a bad sensor, replaced
still stays on BUT not all the time

My low oil pressure light came on today. I put oil in the van. I had a oil change two months ago. I recently took a trip I'm 200 miles over for my next oil change will that cause the van to do what it is doing?

Changed every fuse and every light on the van it say servise park light I don't know what to do

the reduced power engine light code comes on information panel and it has no throttle power . what is the problem

I have a chevey Uplander that is a 2005 and the electric door closes bit don't stay closed I want to discuss arm it so I can move it back and forth manually

I understand that the drain can get stopped up and condensate can back up and overflow on to the floorboard. This happened before on a long trip with the air on then again recently. Previous owner parked under trees and I flushed out debris from under the intake air screen and that all flowed out properly through the wheel wells and none got inside the vehicle (no leaks from the outside). I can not find where the condensate box drains to the underside of the van.

It looks like I will need to move starter out of the way? is there anything else I shoud look out for? is there any tricks to the dealing with the lack of space.

On the information center a message comes on saying that charging system failure. After the engine runs for a few minutes the message goes away. I put a load tester on the system on it and it shows a weak charging system. What would cause this and what should I do next?

It doesn't do it all of the time just once in a while when I checked the fluid it looks a bit more than full and there a small bubbles on it.should I have it flushed and refilled? How much would that cost?