It's my engine light that comes on

I can get it lose buy there's not enough room to get the sensor out

When I turn the fan on for the heater, it blows warm air on the driver side and cold air on the passenger side.

set after changing the swith?

My air conditioning won't come on, the light flashes but the air conditioning won't come on. My heat working.

We were traveling yesterday to see my grandfather before he passes away. There is NO CD in the CD player. Says "No disk loade" but will not let us load a disk. Makes a noise (as if a CD is trying to play or spin) even when the stereo AND car are both completely turned off. I'm worried that this is going to kill the battery and also, we had to travel nearly 500 miles to see my grandfather and for the funeral. It would be nice to be able to play cd's, especially in spots where there aren't very good radio stations available.

it also makes this noise when I'm moving the air controls up and down. I have a push button type this is a top of the line one LXT? but has the heated and cooled seats and other features but no nav in the console panel.

we have a 2012 chevy traverse with the two bench seats, we was wanting to know if it was even possible to replace the middle bench seat with bucket seats?

engine light came on, and would not start. After a few minutes started. Took it with the mechanic and he could not find the problem. He reset the computer. After a couple of weeks light came on again but not other problems. The other day the car would not start and I had to jump it. Ignition was off and had the key in my hands and the car still running for 20 sec. Today transmission would not pass to third gear and first gear was very slow. Turned the car off and came back normal but with the engine light on. Any ideas?

replaced outside temp sensor. reading still the same 37 degrees. where do I look for the fault?

It seem like the bottom part of seat is stuck and can't pop up in order for the seat to slide forward.

there is little air that blows from the vents and even with your hands on the vent it is barely warm. The windshield does not stay defrosted on really cold day either. The air conditioning does not work like it should either - never gets cold no matter what temperature it is set at. With the heat turned to 90 - it is barely 55-60 degrees in the traverse.

Just seems like it's a dead switch. Like i said fuses are good and rear window is fine and if I turn wipers on they work but when I hit the button for washer nothing happens. Plz help

when you initially start the vehicle off a cold start the vehicle spudders for approximately 3 seconds. I took it to the dealer and they said its because of the direct fuel injection, should I be concerned?