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replaced outside temp sensor. reading still the same 37 degrees. where do I look for the fault?
It seem like the bottom part of seat is stuck and can't pop up in order for the seat to slide forward.
there is little air that blows from the vents and even with your hands on the vent it is barely warm. The windshield does not stay defrosted on really cold day either. The air conditioning does not work like it shou...
Just seems like it's a dead switch. Like i said fuses are good and rear window is fine and if I turn wipers on they work but when I hit the button for washer nothing happens. Plz help
when you initially start the vehicle off a cold start the vehicle spudders for approximately 3 seconds. I took it to the dealer and they said its because of the direct fuel injection, should I be concerned?
multi band antena was vandalize or cut by somebody
The local mech. claims that its a problem with the IPhone.