After replacing an ignition coil?

Wiring was repaired twice in a 6 month period. Deal or says it's the tow wiring. Can that be true?

My vehicle broke down after having the timing chain replaced for the 2nd time in its life. After 50 days in the shop, they just called to tell me it was the catalytic converters and it was going to cost me $2049.64. Aside from being raped on the price and length of time it sat in the shop and I had to beg rides from others, this last Saturday I stopped in and the GM told me it was likely the 2 Catalytic converters and he had them off and being tested. The store manager just called me and said that all 3 had to be replaced and I questioned it being 3 but he was adamant. He is also a liar and a thief so I need to know how many cats there are in my vehicle please.

None additional info necessary at this time.

The passenger seat light blinks after i have both seats on and i tried to change the fuse. Not sure what it could be.

I can't find where to put my review for Hyatt's. He just worked on my 2009 Traverse. Thank you!

You can not defrost the windows and heat the vehicle - it doesn't work!!!!

1st the keyless remote and the power door locks won't work, heat/ AC won't come on, outside temp gauge doesn't register, windows won't roll down, plus car will not come out of park. The funny thing is it only happens when it drops below 40 degrees outside. The car will start after it gets around 55-60 degrees.

Check Engine Light is On . Had OnStar Run A Diagnosis And They Said Something About The Exhaust. Really Far Away From Home And Truck Won't Go into Reverse

Windows on drivers panel won't go up and down when bitten is engaged

It's my engine light that comes on

I can get it lose buy there's not enough room to get the sensor out

I need to replace the cam sensors and a crankshaft sensor in my 2010 Chevy Traverse. Where are they located?

The alternator went on the car I change the alternator and now the car won't start in the motor light on the dashboard keeps flashing

When I turn the fan on for the heater, it blows warm air on the driver side and cold air on the passenger side.

makes some noise (grumble and bubble) and loses braking power?

I've been having problems with the front end differential we were told it was a recall but found out it had already been taken in for that so stop fixed it now it's making a ticking noise when you accelerate and its not as peppy as it was when I first bought it last September

set after changing the swith?

I tried to follow the fuel rail so I can find if but I couldn't find the fuel rail either.

My air conditioning won't come on, the light flashes but the air conditioning won't come on. My heat working.

The OEM harness has a strange connector not the normal 7 blade or 6 pin

Has new battery

Got in the Traverse yesterday, turned on the air conditioner immediately full blast. Smoke came from under the hood in the very front, and noise, was the system hard pressed because it didn't warm for a minute?

happened last night while driving; noticed driver's side heated/cool seat lights on, but seat not cooling, couldn't turn off; then noticed all power accessories on driver's side door not working.

Sounded like the alarm

i bought vehicle with check engine light on. was told all i needed to do was change co2 sensore. but i went to auto zone and they told me to get an oil change, but i had an oil change a month ago, had secondary timing chain done, and it still hasnt fixed it. do you think co2 sensor will fix it. i already had brakes and wheel bearing changed already, cuz it needed it, also.

We were traveling yesterday to see my grandfather before he passes away. There is NO CD in the CD player. Says "No disk loade" but will not let us load a disk. Makes a noise (as if a CD is trying to play or spin) even when the stereo AND car are both completely turned off. I'm worried that this is going to kill the battery and also, we had to travel nearly 500 miles to see my grandfather and for the funeral. It would be nice to be able to play cd's, especially in spots where there aren't very good radio stations available.

Started sputtering . Thought bad gas at first added sea foam seams slightly better but still smell gas. Not the gas cap.

Check engine light is on and computor tells you left bank 1 sensor changed that then the alternator and battery but still eats my battery up after about 2 months. Check engine lights stay on the whole time.