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ac doesn't work until outside temp suddenly jumps up to 30 degrees

Air conditioner is blowing out hot air you turn on the knob it blinks 3 x n cut off but it blows out hot air

When turning ac on blinking control knob and no cool air

Car has loud noise coming from what seems like the engine. Car shut off burnt up the starter. Had starter replaced only to have the car shut off and not restart. Starter will turn over engine but seems a bit labored

If I pull the lever towards me and hold it they will stay on, if I push the lever forward, the lever locks in but the high beams do not come on

When I try to turn on my AC, the light flashed 3 times. The manual says this is normal when the temperature is 40 degrees or below but it's warm now and it's still doing the same thing. Help! I'm sweating!

transmission wont shift into high gear at different times could it be TCM just told Torque converter ???

This only happens after car sits for a long period of time (like 8 hours or so), lasts only a few seconds then sounds normal. I can shut it off and restart it after a minute of idling and there is no noise. The noise is prominent on the upper right side of the engine, as you are standing in front of the vehicle. It is not throwing any codes related to the engine. Only transmission fluid pressure switch codes.

Truck runs fine until you turn on heat/ac control panel . Ac doesn't work but the heat and blower would come on before this new problem started happening

Makes a bit of a thud over bumps

passed smog ,after 70 miles the check engine light comes on

Low beam headlights and cruis control don't work all of a sudden

how much to replace the timing cover gasket

when I start the car on a cold day the motor has to run almost an hour before the heater will start to get warm.

the oil change demand lit up yesterday could this be associated with the dry grating sound/

passes all pressure/smoke tests yet keeps coming back on. Get "tighten gas cap" message but had gas cap replaced and always tighten until click - check engine light back on for 5th time. Light always comes on during engine start up, not while driving

Car runs great and starts every time. The last two times after refueling it has not started. it sounds like it is struggling to start.

the dash keeps flashing saying the trackstable needs services

What causes misfire to my car?

After replacing an ignition coil?

Wiring was repaired twice in a 6 month period. Deal or says it's the tow wiring. Can that be true?

My vehicle broke down after having the timing chain replaced for the 2nd time in its life. After 50 days in the shop, they just called to tell me it was the catalytic converters and it was going to cost me $2049.64. Aside from being raped on the price and length of time it sat in the shop and I had to beg rides from others, this last Saturday I stopped in and the GM told me it was likely the 2 Catalytic converters and he had them off and being tested. The store manager just called me and said that all 3 had to be replaced and I questioned it being 3 but he was adamant. He is also a liar and a thief so I need to know how many cats there are in my vehicle please.

None additional info necessary at this time.

The passenger seat light blinks after i have both seats on and i tried to change the fuse. Not sure what it could be.

I can't find where to put my review for Hyatt's. He just worked on my 2009 Traverse. Thank you!

You can not defrost the windows and heat the vehicle - it doesn't work!!!!

1st the keyless remote and the power door locks won't work, heat/ AC won't come on, outside temp gauge doesn't register, windows won't roll down, plus car will not come out of park. The funny thing is it only happens when it drops below 40 degrees outside. The car will start after it gets around 55-60 degrees.

Check Engine Light is On . Had OnStar Run A Diagnosis And They Said Something About The Exhaust. Really Far Away From Home And Truck Won't Go into Reverse

Windows on drivers panel won't go up and down when bitten is engaged

It's my engine light that comes on