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Developed oil leak in crankshaft seal. Adding 1 quart between changes (@ 5,000 miles) Only thing wrong with the car. 241,000 miles, 99% are highway miles, not city miles. Runs great and looks great. My regular mech...
In "learned key info"(DDS2), Valid key - yes. It is new key, cut and learned to "master".
Dash gauges and radio have acted up about 5 times in last year but vehicle drove and always started fine. Last time this happened vehicle would not start back up. Had a 3 different shop including GM dealership and no ...
replaced outside temp sensor. reading still the same 37 degrees. where do I look for the fault?
I have a 2009 Chevy traverse had it for 6 months now and it's been in the shop 5 time for the samething and every time the dealer said he fixed it the last time he replace every coil pack and and now it's back in the...
The rear driver side suspension has been making a rattling sound when going over bumps, it's just the driver side cause when I go over bumps on the passenger side it doesn't happen. Just started last night, the suspe...
it's not because outside air is cold-it's 74 degrees
The seat is moved back and forth at least 15 times a day and we are constantly vacuuming out the track. Is there a product I can use to lubricate either the tracks or the glider wheels?
My fuel gauge says I am on empty despite the fact that I just filled up and my check engine light came on. Is this going to be an easy fix or a very costly one? This is just my luck. =(
It seem like the bottom part of seat is stuck and can't pop up in order for the seat to slide forward.
It sounds like the heater is running but there is no air coming out of the vents at all.
Recently replaced timing chain October 2014,Now my Engine & Strut mount are broke?
there is little air that blows from the vents and even with your hands on the vent it is barely warm. The windshield does not stay defrosted on really cold day either. The air conditioning does not work like it shou...
Just seems like it's a dead switch. Like i said fuses are good and rear window is fine and if I turn wipers on they work but when I hit the button for washer nothing happens. Plz help
Both sides set at same temp but passenger side will not warm at all. Even when set to auto.
when you initially start the vehicle off a cold start the vehicle spudders for approximately 3 seconds. I took it to the dealer and they said its because of the direct fuel injection, should I be concerned?
I have a 2009 Chevy traverse... And when I'm driving at no matter the speed bumpy road or not my drivers side front end is knocking... My husband just changed the strut mount tonight and it hasn't helped... Any idea?
Check engine light - code P420 or P0420?? Catalytic Converter / O2 sensor Bank 1 - looking for repair estimate please
Once while driving, had brakes, tunked on the electrical box under hood and lights returned...also lost battery juice, charged and ran the car but would not return the lights had to run the car and no problem other t...
I recently had my tires rotated and have come across this issue. I have double checked the tire pressure and it is correct and I even went as far as taking it to a tire place and had them double check it