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I can't find where to put my review for Hyatt's. He just worked on my 2009 Traverse. Thank you!

1st the keyless remote and the power door locks won't work, heat/ AC won't come on, outside temp gauge doesn't register, windows won't roll down, plus car will not come out of park. The funny thing is it only happens when it drops below 40 degrees outside. The car will start after it gets around 55-60 degrees.

Check Engine Light is On . Had OnStar Run A Diagnosis And They Said Something About The Exhaust. Really Far Away From Home And Truck Won't Go into Reverse

Has new battery

Sounded like the alarm

Started sputtering . Thought bad gas at first added sea foam seams slightly better but still smell gas. Not the gas cap.

Seems to be coming from the front end. Noise stops when car is not moving,

a loud bogging noises when it shift around 45 mph. The tac also jumps from 2500 rpm to 4500 rpm

Developed oil leak in crankshaft seal. Adding 1 quart between changes (@ 5,000 miles) Only thing wrong with the car. 241,000 miles, 99% are highway miles, not city miles. Runs great and looks great. My regular mechanic wont touch it. Says too much else could go wrong if they replace the seal with so many miles on the car. I really don't want to look at a new car right now. Ran a quart of Lucas Blue thru at last oil change, it seemed to stop the leak for a bit but now its back. Due for another change. Not sure what to do. Really don't want to take it back to the dealer for this work. Just need to get opinions on: do I spend the money to have the seal replaced if I can find someone who will do it, do I just keep adding oil to it until I get ready to buy, is there another additive to try besides the Lucas or should I face the fact my car is dying and go ahead and let her go? LOL

Dash gauges and radio have acted up about 5 times in last year but vehicle drove and always started fine. Last time this happened vehicle would not start back up. Had a 3 different shop including GM dealership and no one knows how to fix. Any suggestions would be great.

I have a 2009 Chevy traverse had it for 6 months now and it's been in the shop 5 time for the samething and every time the dealer said he fixed it the last time he replace every coil pack and and now it's back in the shop again this time instead of one or two cylinders misfiring it coded cylinders 1-5 what could the problem be that is causing this

The rear driver side suspension has been making a rattling sound when going over bumps, it's just the driver side cause when I go over bumps on the passenger side it doesn't happen. Just started last night, the suspension is really bouncy as well. I live in a small community on a dirt road and since winter is ending there are a LOT of pot holes on the road. I don't know much about car repair and I have no guess on how much this may cost to fix. If anyone can offer suggestions or any insight on this problem it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!