once the car is on the wiper will start, i try to turn off but it will not go off or it will not stop unless the car is off or i take the fuse out.

can't find info. on how to change trans. cooling lines passenger side, having a real hard time can't see to get clips in on trans.any help would be great. a video would be better. no one has heard of lines on passenger side can't get any info.

I get one click when I try. What is this issue and what is the fix for it. Please help been lost with this issue

what needs to be done to fix steps please

My car backfired blue smoke came out exhaust and oily cook came out and covered my back glass

vehicle stops running without any warning leaving you stopped it the middle of the road, and after 5 minutes it will start again, everything works while the engine shuts down, but won't crank until you wait 5 minutes

it never smelt hot until I noticed the leak had gotten worse. Added coolant to res. drove a few days noticed smell again. No coolant, added, drove, no coolant...etc... radiator still full tho

When im at a stand still. Also my radio doesnt work when heater or ac on or ots cold out.

My check engine light came on and the code p1815 was set so i found out the code was the 4wd selector switch short to ground. I replaced the switch and cleared the code took it for a drive and the check engine light came back on for a day or so and went off it set the same code again and now the transmission is acting like it going in to netural when you come to a stop and go to take off.


I have struggled with reoccurring p0442, but have never had p0451. Is it common to have a previously undetected code materialize subsequent to clearing a code with a history? Does this scenario indicate a complex problem that will not be eliminated by simply replacing fuel tank press or sensor?