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Where to take for estimate of left front axle seal?
about a week ago my traction control,abs,and,(p)brake lights all came on and my truck started jerking and had no acceleration so i had it tested and the tester said it was the driver side rear speed sensor so i ordere...
How could someone tell that what it is without looking at it. It also brakes funny with vibration.
02/20/15 started my vehicle with no problem got on the road and heard a loud rubbing noise which I thought, pull over and seen my engine temp gage had pegged out over 260 degrees ferenheit. Opened up my hood and not...
Sometimes my key fob wont unlock and then my back latch wont open. When this happens often my headlights dont turn off. Often the lights time out at different times. Sometimes they stay on for 10 seconds, sometim...
Truck ran fine in morning and after work it was missing..checked codes and has a po305.....cleared codes and then a po300 came up...any help would be great....need to repair this as cheap as possible
I change the actuator and pulled the fuse still no reset or 4x4