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all the time.

want to clean the mass air flow sensor where is it located

sometimes steers fine sometimes wanders suspect steering rack leaking interanally

I already purchased the solenoid.

I had to pull the fuse out to get the blower motor off. it happens everytime I drive. I have to put the fuse back in to use the air.

I used the air one time and now there is a rattle, what could it be, fan clutch was replaced, new belts, dont know about this

There is nothing in third gear when shifted manually. Also the speedometer is not working. The shop thinks it is an electrical issue. I need some help, I have to have this vehicle for our business!!

my 2002 trailblazer coolant temp gauge is going from 100 to 260 then goes up and down I hook up my scanner and the ecm is doing the same thing I replaced the coolant temp sensor but im still having the problem please help!!!!!!!

what all should be done

Fan clutch has been diagnised but hasn't caused a problem running until today. Want to know if that could be the cause of my check engine light blinking and engine running very rough.

I have a 2003 Chevy trailblazer. Over some time now I noticed the temperature gauge is below 210. I done some research and read that my temperature sensor could possibly have gone bad. Would that also cause my check engine light to go on as well?

Also my interior light don't work wiper sprayer my key fob don't work at all and defrost but my plate lights work. I checked my fuses and my wires and everything is good

What do I select on my volt meter to read my read tailgate co trip module

I never know how much gas I have left, gas level does not work. Also I do not know how fast I'm going because my speed sensor does not work.

My TB acts like it wants to stall out when sitting in heavy traffic or at a stop light. I want to know if there's any way to bumo up the idle rpm so I won't have this nagging problem anymore. The dealership has told me there's nothing they can do because it's all computer controlled but I'm not convinced without someone hooking up a computer scanner and charge me $500 for the service. I'm frustrated and desperately need help here.
Dave Clemenson

My belt broke, power steering stopped, turned car off,it smoked towed to mechanic, they worked on and fixed it. After a month the message comes back on once a week and check engine light also.

It was accompanied by slightly visible exhaust while it's 65 degrees. The end of the tailpipe is also black, like it was charred.

My daughter left a car seat warmer plugged in over night and my battery was dead the next day. I jumped the vehicle and it fires up nice and smooth and sounds like everything is great, but the car runs for about 1 second then shuts off. My key fob will no longer unlock the car or do anything, the locks won't engage or disengage when the button is pressed, the stereo won't turn on.. The dash reads Unknown Driver instead of Driver 1 Driver 2.

I tried the 30 minute reset procedure, but I may have done it wrong, because there is no SECURITY light that flashes or even comes on for that matter. There isn't a Check Engine Light on, or any indication that something is wrong, the car simply starts and shuts off immediately. I have two keys, neither of them work.

So far I have tried to put the ignition in the on position, let it sit for 10 minutes and turn it off for 5 seconds and try to start it. That didn't work, so I tried to do that 3 times over, but one thing was missing from the instructions that I followed: the part where the security light blinks or turns off after 10 minutes.

Also, Does anyone know which anti-theft system this vehicle has?

Will the tires rub or have any difficult problems on breaks or driving

I changed line but could not get cup seal out of rack so I drove it without lines hooked up until pump pulley sheared off. After I replacing pump with used part. it just makes all sorts of noise and started to smoke and still don't have any power steering

Drive side rear running lights works

It doesn't do it all the time, it's sound like it's in passenger side back, when you hit a big bump it does it, then when you come to a stop it stops then you move again and sometimes it does it again or not for awhile. We've put new brakes on, new sway bars, can't tell where the noise is but it's in the back.

I changed the battery now driver's side window doesn't go up or down and passenger side goes up and down by itself

I heard that speakers are bad but when all of them play they sound good

it happens on the express way as I am accelerating to cursing speed

Seat motor engaging for up and down and lumbar however, not moving forward with on seat controls or on door controls.

No check engine lights on, hooked it up to scanner nothing detected. Drove perfectly. The day it started acting up I drove it all day just fine, then got on expressway and started making a bad buzzing noise and wouldn't accelerate anymore.

put in gear and when you push down on gas paddle I hear a faint roaring noise.

transmission is locked will not shift

I can not find the wire path

Getting a replacement but in need of knowing where exactly the two wires are to go from the alternator