when operating power windows the elec gauge goes below 14

removed key and Rear AC still runs on high. Removed #13 green 30 fuse and front AC motor runs but control for vents only runs air to side of dash towards door windows. while driving the engine bogging down and killed when slowing down turning left. engine did restart. NO check engine light for diagnostic tsting

have replaced blower motor and control panel still keeps going out the third prong in the resistor connector

i have replaced blower motor and control panel and still burns out have replaced resistor 6 times so far.

Center nut that holds hub assembly on my 2005 chev trailblazer ext

I have changes the thermost and temp sensor. It fixed it for a couple of days and then it started reading that it was hot. I checked the fluid level and it is full.

the low beam headlights just go out , i can switch to high beam and have them. Low beam comes back on when I restart vehicle or sometimes after messing with the low/high beam switch they will come back on. I ususally have the head lights on auto but turning them off an back on don't seem to help. Been happening every few days.

We already had a new key made by a locksmith then replace furl hose on had tank and gas hose on where pump gas into still won't start andantuck in neutral and when looked at shifter cable its fine mechanic said that would make it not start is this true

When I am driving by something that reflects sound and I accelerate I hear a ticking sound. At idle or revving engine in park the sound can't be heard. But is very distinct when passing walls etc. and accelerate. Reminds me of the sound I had in another car that I had when a spark plug socket was leaking. Would it be possible to get this sound from a leaking exhaust gasket? Does not sound like a lifter or valve as I would think I could here that at idle or revving in park. Any ideas?? Been doing it since I had it so don't think it is anything major and not getting any engine codes from it.

PO526 my mechanic said was either the fan clutch or the harness going bad. Had no temp issues and fan seemed to be working fine. Replaced both fan clutch and harness. Now sounds like plane taking off at start up and first 4-5 miles of driving then seems to quiet down. If I stop and turn off truck and restart does it all over again. Mechanic said it will take a couple thousand miles to "break in" but then should be better. Is this true? Seems like people talking about that kind of noise is when it is going bad?? Has always been quiet for the past 2 years I have owned. Thanks for any help.