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I was told just hand tight but its still leaking after I replace it. Thanks I have 05 trailblazer ls i6..
Now there is an engine light with an arrow in the middle that comes on What is that? Can I drive it to the repair shop etc
i checked the bulb good and i checked the fuse good also
Have to push and pull out a lot to get it to lock in and to exit the seat belt have to push the button 4-8 times to get it to eject.
I recently took my 2005 trailblazer to a dealership for pricing towards another vehicle. The question arose concerning the scheduled maintenance of the timing chain and if I had it done. I was not aware that a timing ...
my truck never got "hot"...I just saw water pouring out of it and replaced it. This morning, I get in it. It starts up fine and I get about 1/4 mile and a big check engine light with a downward arrow comes on and the ...
This morning on my way to work in ICY conditions...I slid off of the road into a ditch. I was on a rural road so I just put the truck in "D" and gunned my truck and got myself out of the ditch. After driving about 3-4...
Is there wheel bearings in the rear wheels