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do you no wut the problem can be its realy gettin hot
Do I need to replace the cam actuator solenoid?
The change oil light comes on for about a minute and goes away. If I change the oil will that solve the problem? It has 80,000 miles on it. I do notice a leak of antifreeze coming from the exhaust. Help please!
Changed plugs, air filter and put on computer and got C0055 code for vehicle speed sensor....is this the problem?
Changed plugs, and air filter but had slight hesitation on idle and noticed slight drag at acceleration . Put it on computer and speed control sensor came up. I have more power but gas mileage is still poor and occa...
I changed spark plugs my engine sounds horrible and engine light was on. I had a mechanic buddy hook up his diagnostic and my engine is misfiring in cyl 5 and 6. After driving it a little we hooked it back up and then...
A/C blows in back, but not in front. Gradually showed irregular operating patterns...high fan speed...fan still blowing after engine was shut off...then no fan at all up front. The back wasn't blowing, but now is blow...
I checked bulbs,replaced bulbs,replaced fuse.no power to tail lights.