2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer Questions

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I changed the battery now driver's side window doesn't go up or down and passenger side goes up and down by itself

it happens on the express way as I am accelerating to cursing speed

No check engine lights on, hooked it up to scanner nothing detected. Drove perfectly. The day it started acting up I drove it all day just fine, then got on expressway and started making a bad buzzing noise and wouldn't accelerate anymore.

transmission is locked will not shift

I can not find the wire path

Getting a replacement but in need of knowing where exactly the two wires are to go from the alternator

How often do I have to get a oil change?

I changed the shift cable bushings

How to replace diferencial

A strange knocking sound while driving but sounds like sewing machine idling sometimes quieter than other times


I have to turn off to able to drive and reduce power at 20mph

I just replaced the battery at first it stayed crunk then I turned the air off then it cut off. Now it won't crank unless I tap the gas and it cuts off while driving when u stop

Can I fix it myself or is there a recall on it? I'm disabled and just bought this car in Feb. With 242000 miles on it. Since then tranny, problem s ac problems oil pressure drops to zero once in awhile and almost over heats. Help are they all tied together?

Would it be better to just have a certified mechanic do it?

The oil light will say low oil pressure but the truck starts right up and oil pressure is normal. Only happens once in awhile in the past 8 years.

I can drive over larger bumps and not hear a thing.