I haven't 03 Chevy Trailblazer EXT 4 wheel drive LS it feels like it has a governor is kicking in and out automatically dies will restart dies restarts and it's all done eventually it will just not stay running at all even for a second

03 trailblazer shifter moves but wont move

disconnected battery post

The car squeaks over bumps, especially noticed at low speeds, maybe can't tell when going faster due to road noise. Suspension seems tight and no squeaks when I push on the car and I have lubricated everything I can think of.

I have already checked the antenna connections and they seem to be tight.

Change oil light comes on every time I turn the car on, but goes off about 30 secs, even after getting oil changed.

Only works a little. Makes a crunching noise.

Also my car starts intermittently when I pull on the bright lights on the multi-purpose switch the car will start sometimes

I was driving down the road and my trailblazer just shut off. The gauges were all fine. If I put it in park it runs fine when I go to take off I get a block or two and it shuts back off. No warning light nothing it just shuts off. I don't know what would cause this. Please help.

Replaced fan clutch twice die to ticking sound and sounds like jet engine. All gauges are normal and shifts normally. Any ideas
Plz help

car start run go 20 to 30 mph make sluggish noise when idle put on machinr got code p1515 p1615

Just looking for any other direction I can try before having to take it the shop

Disconnected battery. Nothing changed.
All other systems work.
I am trying to charge the battery as the car has sat for a week.

I was going to charge but gauge said it was overcharged and the compressor was making a very loud noise when it tried to kick on. What could be wrong?

when Im driving and have AC on my car will die out when I come to a stop sign.