for my window door lock switch

Is there something I can buy to stop the leak?

I had checked oil and at the tip of dip stick it was coated (I mean coated like it had been dipped in liquid plastic and was orange) and the oil itself reaked was very orange in color and also reakes of fuel .

I pull the fuse and it doesn't kill the battery. What module do I need to replace and do I need to get it programed?

app sensor codes P1220, P1271, P1635 5 volt ref,U000

First started when I turned my bright lights on truck dies, Now air condition blows cold 1 min.hot the next .

the reduced power light comes on just after I start to drive. if I restart the engine goes away for a short. after about 5 miles of driving if I restart the engine it will go off an stay off an I have full power

Started this morning and just shut off. Will not turn over, good battery, tried new key switch, dash lights are on till hit key then go out. Will turn over if jump solenoid but still won't start with key in on position.

My truck still runs bad.it sputters and and runs ruff..

I can not get into my car! I only have one key hole and it's on the drivers side door. Its not cold out so I don't think it's frozen but I can not open my door.. The key turns both ways but feels very loose and will not unlock. Any ideas? Thank you.